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How To Dress To Impress at Work and School






With lockdown easing and life slowly getting back to normal, you’ll either be going back to work or getting back to school.

And whether you’re looking forward to it or not, make sure you’re looking your best.

To help you out, we’ve broken down your look into safe, modern, different and dress down Friday options.

Let’s jump straight in with your suit.








Something Safe

Fratelli Blue & Gold Check Suit

Wear this as a three-piece with a white shirt and gold tie, and this suit is fit for any man and any occasion. Wear as a two-piece, or just the trousers, with an open shirt, and this suit fits every man’s everyday look.

Jacket - £104.99 | Trousers - £49.99


Something Modern

Cavani Elwood Brown Houndstooth Suit

Lightweight and bright, this suit is as comfortable and stylish as they come. Wear it with a white shirt and navy tie for an easy everyday look that’s a cut above the rest.

Jacket - £124.99 | Trousers - £49.99



Something Different

Fratelli Sky Blue Windowpane Suit

It’s impossible not to turn heads in this suit, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further than this.


Jacket - £104.99 | Trousers - £49.99


Dress Down Friday

If you’ve got the luxury of a dress down day, then you need a suitably debonair look to go follow suit from your Monday to Thursday style.

Rob’s casual Friday look should do it.




Something Safe

Fratelli Blue Pinstripe Shirt

The white and blue pinstripe shirt is one of those classic menswear staples that will never go out fashion, and this Fratelli version is as sharp as they come.

Price - £39.99

Something Modern

White Grandad Collar Shirt

Price - £44.99






Something Different

Claudio Lugli White Pheasant Shirt

Fortune favours the brave. So go for it.

Price - £89.99

Dress Down Friday

Blend Dark Wash Denim Shirt

You know better than most that dress down Friday doesn’t mean you should roll in in your tracksuit and trainers. Besides, if you’re going for a pint at the end of the day, why not be dressed ready for it?

Price - £39.99




Something Safe

Roamers Brown Toe Cap Oxford Shoes

“Nowt wrong with these,” as we’d say up North. With unbelievable quality for the price, you could easily justify treating yourself to a new pair of footwear thanks to these oxford shoes.

Price - £39.99

Something Modern

Cavani William Navy Tweed Brogues

Great, aren’t they? Going just as well with navy as they do with grey, these shoes have the perfect amount of extra detail you need to stand out from the crowd without being too bold.

Price - £69.99

Something Different

London Brogues Tommy Tan Navy & Red Derby Shoes

If different is what you’re looking for, you won’t get much more ‘out there’ than these shoes. You’ll be happy to hear they’re not style over substance, however. These are London Brogues, and if you haven’t tried a pair on before, get ready to experience what a real pair of shoes feels like.

Price - £79.99

Dress Down Friday

Cavani Sahara Navy Suede Desert Boots

Round off the week in style by wearing these memory-foam insole desert boots.


Price - £59.99



Now You’re Ready

If you decide to play it safe with your suit, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for something different or modern with your shirt and shoes. Life and your style are all about balance, after all.


Making sure you feel comfortable and confident is the main thing. If you’d us to show you how your clothes can help with that, book an appointment at our private showroom and we’ll sort you out.


Enjoy your first day back.