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This week signals the start of the phased expansion of our hugely successful Boldon store. The continued support from our customers has enabled us to take on the neighbouring building and to kick-off a £30,000 expansion project.
Since Simon and Eve first opened in 2016, the popularity and demand for Master Debonair apparel has skyrocketed and still continues to grow.

By retaining many features of the Victorian building such as the original ceiling and hearth, we have managed to create a beautifully warm and welcoming space.
With Eve’s creative vision, there are plenty of amazing interior features such as the mounted wall zebra.


We want our customers to feel relaxed when they shop with us. Their comfort has been at the very centre of the development. Extra room means that our customers can enjoy our new couch and TV whilst charging their phone. Ask our staff members for a beverage, or simply prepare one from your mobile - the app will make a coffee for you in time for your arrival.


If, instead, you fancy a free beer on us, challenge yourself to find the hidden beer tap.


The new site comes with room to stock our new casual wear alongside our acclaimed suits.


We’ve also ensured that the roots to the business will never be forgotten. It was Simon’s late father, Bob Whitaker who inspired the husband and wife team to start the business. His photo now stands on the mantelpiece in the new shop.


With phase 1 of the development complete, phase 2, due to start in July, will include a renovation of the upstairs rooms to a private showroom.

Feel free to visit our new and improved store.



The MD team are so humbled for all the continued customer love and support.

On behalf of everyone here at Master Debonair, thank you for helping us grow.