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The Well Groomed Guide For Your Wedding Day

The well groomed guide for your wedding day

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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful milestones to plan, however, we at MD are going to make one part a bit easier for you, with our guide to the perfect suit for your wedding. There are a number of things to think about when planning your wedding suit:

  1. Where is your wedding venue? (Outside/abroad/inside)
  2. What is your wedding theme (Modern/Traditional)
  3. What is your colour scheme? (Flowers/Bridesmaid dresses)
  4. When is your wedding? (Summer/winter)
  5. Do you have a budget?
  6. What are your groomsmen wearing?
  7. Shoes! Remember to plan shoes to complement your outfit.
  8. Think about your pocket square and tie combination to match your suit.
  9. Are you wearing a buttonhole?
  10. Any Accessories? A tie clip or pocket watch for example?

These are just a few ideas to think of before you go shopping!

Mix and match fratelli

You don't have to stick to a three-piece suit, mix and matching is a favourite at MD. Here is Sartorial Chris in the Fratelli Navy and Fratelli Grey waistcoat. Both colours complementing each other by contrasting dark and light tones. Add a colourful tie to add a brighter hue to your wedding day attire. If you're the groom you want to stand out. Think about a mix and match while your groomsman wears the colour coordinated three-piece suit, that way you and your groomsman party will all match, but you can still stand out.

Robert simon grey check

A more traditional styling with the Robert Simon grey check. The grey suit is a light hue to wear on your wedding day, perfect for a summer wedding. The light blue tie colour matches perfectly for an effortlessly stylish groomsman look. Details are also important, make sure your floral buttonhole accompanies you suit favourably.



fratelli navy check

The navy subtle check is perfect for a winter wedding or a more traditional wedding in a classical setting. Complemented effortlessly with a gold tie, matching the bronze suede pockets, both within a similar colour palette. Accessories are also important, add a pocket watch to emphasise the traditional English styling.

navy eton

If you want a more daring, dark hue, the Navy Eton is perfect. The check is more bold than the subtle Fratelli suit which has a look that stands out. The red lining matches the red satin tie, so the look complements each other. Think about matching your tie with your groomsman - that way your groomsman party will be coordinated.

Harding cream

Another suit perfect for your wedding day is our cream check Harding. You will look sartorially elegant in the cream. A perfect colour for a summer wedding with a subtle check. Remember to keep your tie and pocket square matching so that they complement the colour of your suit.

ted tweed

A tan check has a traditional etiquette about it. The dark hues complement each other as the navy separates the tan and white colours.

scott grey

Looking immaculately tailored in the Scott Grey. A dark grey is also an option, again with a check pattern. The sleeves rolled up look effortlessly stylish if you plan to have an outdoor wedding in the sun and fear you will be too hot.