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Are you sick of wearing the same outfits day-to-day? Are you wanting to switch up your style? Contrary to the belief, you don’t need to splash out on a whole new wardrobe to do so. Instead, your everyday looks can be instantly transformed with the help of a few inexpensive extras. The best accessories are the ones that convey your personality. Go for the pieces that you are most attracted to but don’t be afraid to experiment.  

Perhaps the most commonly used accessory here at Master Debonair is the Tie. It can be used amidst your outfit to compliment it with similar tones, or to contrast it with a colour that is completely conflicting. The endless colour and pattern options means that it is easy to explore different choices and outfit combinations. As well as changing up the colour, it is sometimes forgotten that a tie can be knotted numerous different ways to add extra interest to your outfit. The ‘four in hand’ knot can be used for a simple classic aesthetic, or why not try the ‘Eldridge knot’? One that we love to use here at Master Debonair, as it adds extra class and curiosity.

A tie looks great with a matching, or sometimes even a contrasting pocket square, to complete a polished and smart outfit. The beauty of the pocket square is that you can fold it however you please to add texture, or an interesting pattern, to draw attention. It also can be arranged in a simple manner to appeal sleek and clean appearance.


Tie clips are also a great addition to an outfit. Used for the practicality purpose of holding a tie down in the wind, they also work to add an aspect of professionalism. The most common tie clips tend to be in either silver or gold, but if you want to be different, there’s nothing stopping you from trying a more colourful option if it complements the outfit. Some tie clips come in quirky and interesting designs. Look into choosing a design that is relevant to you and make your outfit personal.


A belt seems to be the accessory that people are easy to forget about, which is unfortunate because it works to tie an outfit together perfectly. A belt can both hold your outfit together whilst adding to it. Try using a bold colour to contrast your outfit, or even a patterned option can add extra interest.


Gloves are another accessory that are often Overlooked and considered to be an afterthought. They are much more than the practical necessity that they were designed for. The right pair of gloves with the right outfit will give a sophisticated and professional appearance. If you want your gloves to tie into your outfit seamlessly, then choose a pair with similar colour tones. It can be trendy to choose a pair that stands out with a different colour or even pattern. A leather option will look chic and are perhaps best suited to a formal attire. A tweed option adds texture and is more suited to a causal look. A combination of both leather and tweed is the perfect middle ground for a smart-casual look.


Intensify your wardrobe further by topping it up with a hat. It is possible to have one for every season and occasion. It can add flavour to an outfit and also has it’s practical advantages. A hat can work to change the shape of the face and makes a person appeal taller and thinner. As well as this, they provide both warmth and shelter. A tweed-style had with a coloured fleck will add texture to your look. If you want your hat to act as a statement piece, try a multi-coloured or patterned option to draw attention to it.


Another must have for your wardrobe is the scarf – an accessory that will never go out of style. During the months of winter, or for an unexpected cold day, a scarf is the perfect companion. A scarf has the ability to change up any outfit whether it be a suit or a more casual jeans and jumper combination. There are a ton of different colours, patterns and textures that are available to add an element of excitement to your ensemble.


Cuff links are not only a fashion accessory but are also essentials for practicality. They are worn by people in business and so will be sure to give you a polished appearance. Choose a funky style to add some interest and you can even look to making them personal.


Most people fail to recognise the importance of socks. The beauty of styling socks with an outfit is that there are no set rules on how to do so. Contrast your socks for a more noticeable look. It is a current trend to wear your socks bright and loud to clash with the outfit and make them stand out. For a simpler look try matching your socks to your trouser so that they don’t become a stand out feature, or even try matching your socks to your tie or pocket square.



No man’s outfit will be fully complete without accessories, especially with all of the options that are out there. The best outfits are all about balance. The more basic your outfit, the bolder your accessories can be. Here at Master Debonair, we strongly believe in the power of small details. It may be that the element of your outfit that you wouldn’t normally consider, could actually switch up your style completely.