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The Essential Guide to Adding Colour to your Work Wardrobe

If your wardrobe is looking a little drab, then you’ve come to the right place. At Master Debonair, our clientele come to us from across the country to inject some life into their business apparel - so we’ve shared our top tips for adding colour to your work wardrobe.

Happy Socks

Sporting some patterned socks with your smart suit is a great way to bring a 9-5 look to life. Simply pick a pair that contrast nicely and you’re sorted.

Detailed Ties and Pocket Squares

A tie and pocket square combo is without doubt one of the easiest and most simple ways to add colour to a smart outfit. When it comes to choosing a colour, have a close look at your suit, its lining and detailing then pick something that not only adds colour, but also highlights the tones, stitching and other details in your suit.

Lapel Pins and Tie Clips

If you only want to add a small but colourful detail in your suit, then a tie clip or lapel pin is the perfect choice. Whether you’re at work or off to a wedding or the races, then a lapel pin is a flawless, all-day alternative to a pocket square or fresh flower. A tie pin can also add that splash of detail that takes your overall look up a level.

Collared Shirt with Flash Placket

If you’re not brave enough to wear a very bright or fully-patterned shirt, then choosing a plain coloured or white shirt with flash placket detail is a great way to start getting adventurous with your work wardrobe.

A Contrast Blazer

If most of your suits completely match from trousers, to waistcoat and blazer, then switching things up by making one of these key elements a statement piece is one of our absolute favourite ways to keep a formal look up to date.

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