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Our All-Time Favourite Peaky Blinders Outfits

Our All-Time Favourite Peaky Blinders Outfits.


To celebrate the 8-year anniversary of the Peaky Blinders, we are listing our favourite outfits from over the years and recreating them with a Master Debonair twist. 


To start off our list, we have John Shelby’s Grey Prince of Wales Check Suit. This stylish outfit is shown off when John gets married in Episode 4 of Season 1, however, the possibilities don’t stop there. Whether you're going to the races or going to a “Peaky Party”, this choice is for you. To throw a modern Master Debonair spin on this suit, we paired the Skopes Anello Grey 3 Piece Suit with some Brown Brogues. The immaculate Prince of Wales check is familiar, yet bold, to keep things simple, this suit entails a beautiful grey tone, which helps make this a choice suitable for any occasion. The addition of brown brogues really spices things up, as grey is a versatile colour, brown adds a sense of warmth and contrast to the suit. 




Next on our list is Arthur Shelby’s iconic Grey Tweed 3 Piece Suit and classic flat cap. This long-established fit is just what you need to look refined in any situation. For our take on this outfit, we are pairing the Marc Darcy Scott Grey 3 Piece Suit with the Scott Grey Bow Tie and Herringbone 8 Piece Black and White Baker Boy Cap. This outfit is a total blast from the past, holding traditional colours and patterns, perfect for any party or themed occasion that might crop up, or even just for those Shelby fans looking for a fun cosplay outfit. 




The final and favourite outfit on the list is Tommy Shelby’s Blue 3 Piece Suit and Flat Cap. This outfit is a fan favourite, and for good reason, the pattern on this suit keeps it simple, while the bold blue colour gives this look a modern twist. For our take on this conventional look, we are combining the Marc Darcy Dion Tweed Herringbone Blue 3 Piece Suit with the Heritage Traditions Navy Tweed 8 Piece Newsboy cap. For the shoes, we are going to throw some brown brogues into the mix to add some contrast. This look is bold but basic and is perfect for any weddings, and themed parties you may be attending. 




Over the last 8 years, the world has gotten to know the Shelbys and their outfits very well, we hope that this list may have sparked some inspiration for your next look.