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Father's day - a time dedicated to honouring and recognising our dads, sons, partners or anyone who has played a fatherly role in our lives. We acknowledge their contribution to our families and society as a whole.

Our company is largely influenced by the father of Simon, our CEO, hence why this celebration is especially close to our hearts here at Master Debonair.

Whilst it’s easy to get caught up in the pressure of buying that perfect gift, the reasoning behind the day mustn't be forgotten.

It is said that Ms Sonora Dodd first raised the Father’s Day concept. Being raised by her widowed father, she believed that if there were a day to honour mothers, then there should also be a day to honour fathers.

After working hard for years to make sure that her vision of a father's day would become a reality, the first recognised father’s day came to be in 1924.

Over the years, the concept of celebrating our fathers has spread globally. Millions of people across the map now show their gratitude to their father figures as they celebrate the occasion.


Everyone here at Master Debonair wishes you a lovely day celebrating whoever your father figure may be.