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First impressions are incredibly powerful. The first thing anyone will notice when looking at a suit at first glance is the colour. This comes way before the cut, proportion and details. Meaning choosing the right colour is crucial to staying on trend within the season.

There are certain colours that are the most common and worn most often, these include charcoal grey and navy-blue suits.

Navy-blue is the perfect colour to make you fit in effortlessly, yet still has you being recognised for being stylish. They are also handy for making you seem younger, whereas the charcoal grey suit can also be useful for making younger gentlemen appear older.

Charcoal grey works well with a large scale of colours, making it a very versatile suit colour choice. This can be handy if you want to accessorise your suit differently to a previous time, which keeps the styling adventurous.

Here we have gathered some of our favourite grey and blue suits, they will be sure to make you stand out from the crowds and look like a dream.

Many men often look their best in earthy tones, which is why brown is also another highly requested colour choice for suits. With colours widely varying, there is definitely an option out there for you.

Tweed and checks are very popular in these colours and they are a key style here at Master Debonair. Contrasting check suits are a highly desired style, helping to add colour and detail to plain suits to give them the extra flare and pop of colour that we, and many of our customers, love.


Above, we have handpicked three of our suit styles including contrasting colours that we love.