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Debonair Dogs Part 2 - Sartorial John and Mason

debonair dogs part 2

sartorial john and mason the alaskan malamute

Welcome to Debonair Dogs Part Two, featuring Sartorial John and his extra fluffy friend Mason the Alaskan Malamute. Mason is not to be mistaken for an Alaskan Husky, although they do share some genetic similarities, getting them confused can be offensive! We took Mason out for a little adventure with the Master Debonair team and his tail wagging at all times spoke for itself. He seemed pretty happy to meet everyone at the MD HQ, then we went for a tour of Boldon and finally his first trip on the Metro - the North East's under/overground rail system.

mason's first metro ride

We walked to Brockley Whins Metro station where Mason was followed by a little pug wanting to play, he didn't seem too bothered about playing and was taking in the new smells of his new surroundings. The pair looked like little and large, but the pug was unfazed by Mason's size. Mason attracted a lot of attention at the Metro station, with everyone wanting to pet him as his teddy-like features attracted a lot of people. He was loving the fuss, and we don't blame him. Our Metro came and Mason was totally composed, not bothered by the loud train and people at all. He modelled like a professional even though it was his first time ever on set. He nearly put Sartorial John to shame and stole the limelight! However, it was a little warm for Mason and our photographer Liz was never going to get a shot with his mouth closed - a pose Mason should work on.

a debonair walk

Sartorial John is looking rather sophisticated on the most debonair dog walk of all time. John is a dog lover and he and Mason make a good pair, working well together on the shoot. Styled by our in-house stylist Sally, John was immaculately tailored wearing the Robert Simon Marcello paired with a grandad collar shirt. A 1920s-inspired style, the grandad collar shirt originated from 1927 in New York City, a trend which was born by mistake as a lady called Hannah Montague cut off her husband's collar to wash it separately, little did she know, this practical move created a new fashion trend. This garment also features on the Peaky Blinders set, a series we love at MD. A pair of our 'Happy Socks' is also a great way to add some colour to a sophisticated styling. We have a range on our website for you to choose from. If rebellious tailoring is your style, then you can shop John's look below: