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debonair dogs part 1

master debonair AND HIS DAPPER DOGS

Here is part one of the Debonair Dogs, a series that we will continue to post with each member of the Sartorial Seven and their furry friends. A dog is a man's best friend and an important part of our debonair family. To start, we have Master Debonair and his three dapper dogs.

Horsing around

The shoot was a light-hearted, fun shoot in a local field in Boldon that Simon and his three dogs Harry, Rosie and Poppy are familiar with. In fact the dogs love this route and it's one of their favourite walking spots. It was a lovely day to take the dogs out in the field, in fact, it was fascinating to watch how the horses in the field were so unbothered by us and the three rotties intruding their home. Although one did kindly nudge us out the way as we were in his grazing path, which made us all change spots, the dogs, however, were unfazed. With one eye on our gentle giant, Harry - the male and largest Rottweiler out of the three - the lovely shire horse let us finish our shoot peacefully, and I'm sure you will agree, our images came out great by our photographer Liz. The dogs were so well behaved with all six eyes focusing on their mother, Eve, standing behind the camera, the only real way we could get all three to focus on the lens.

debonair dogs

Simon wearing the Robert Simon Navy check suit as it is one of his personal favourites. Especially when around his three dogs, it's the perfect colour navy so dog hairs aren't noticeable! A dog owner fashion hack – buying garments which match the colour of your dog hair. Styled by our stylist Sally, we went for a slight Peaky Blinders inspired look. Adding a flat cap to a three-piece always adds a dapper twist. At Master Debonair, we dare our customers to wear garments out of their comfort zones and a flat cap might be that.

Check out our Green Tweed Dog Bow Tie on our debonair dog Harry, they are in the ‘dapper dogs' section on our website, or click the link below!