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The Five Best Dressed Characters from TV and Film


Have you ever watched a film, been completely obsessed with one of the characters and thought ‘I wish I was that cool?’

Of course you have.

We’ve rounded up five of our favourite TV and film characters who we think would look great in our suits, or feel they embody our Debonair style.


Let’s kick off with the obvious.

        1) Tommy Shelby

Out of all the characters in our list, nobody has had a bigger influence on men’s style in the last ten years like Tommy and the rest of the Shelby brothers.

From their grandad collar shirts, pocket watches and caps, to the collard waistcoats and checked tweed fabrics and overcoats, Peaky Blinders brought British 1920s style back a century later.

To instantly ‘Shelby’ your style, add any of our range of caps, or for the full Peaky Blinders suit, see Solomon’s version here.




      2) Sherlock Holmes

A British icon, Detective Sherlock Holmes is everything we want you to feel when wearing one of our suits: confident, classy, and smart.

We’re such fans, we named some of our Master Debonair own brand suits ‘Holmes’ and ‘Moriarty’ after the famous characters.

Although we sold out of those suits, you’ll find a similar style in the Marc Darcy Dion and the Marc Darcy Ted suits, of which we have plenty of stock.



3) Ghost

Now, like most the men on this list, Ghost isn’t exactly a role model. More of an anti-hero, in fact. But all the drug dealing and killing aside, we think you’ll agree he’s got style.

But what makes Ghost cool? True, in earlier series of Power he wore some questionable outfits while settling into business life, but by the end of the series 7, he’d definitely worked on his style.

For his business day to day, Ghost is a fan of sharp, peaked lapel suits, wide ties and classy overcoats. Take inspiration from his style and go for the Cavani Callie suit, with a Broni&Bo tie.

When it comes to his, erm, extra-curricular activities, he turns to a gilet and jumper combo.

For a more detailed breakdown of the style of characters from Power, check out this article which looks at each character.



4) James Bond

If you want an embodiment of how style changes through the ages, look no further than the most famous of 007s himself.

We’d love to invite James over to our NEW private showroom. Granted, we don’t stock bulletproof fabric (yet), but we’re sure we’d find an outfit suitable for when he’s off duty.






5) Django

Another legend we’d love to invite to our private showroom for a custom suit is Django. Do you remember the iconic scene where he finds out he can pick any suit from the tailors and rides his horse out in the electric blue two-piece? We love this creativity and flair, and hope you’ll take advantage of the options available with our NEW custom suit service.


Have We Missed Anyone?

Let us know if you think we’ve missed anyone from our list.

Feeling inspired? Check out our suits here and our casualwear range here.