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The Best Wedding Suits for Men 2022 | Master Debonair

Best Wedding Suits 2022 – The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Suits

Suits and weddings are synonymous, there is no denying that and this has been the case since time (or the idea of matrimony) began – so then why is the process of selecting the best wedding suits such a trialling process? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that in the modern age we’re living in there is an extremely vast variety of options to choose from, as well as the fact that the “rules” on wedding dressing for men have become much laxer – altogether creating an overwhelming sartorial landscape which can feel like a minefield when it comes to navigating.  

Luckily for you, though, men’s wedding suits is something we’re rather well versed in here at Master Debonair so, don’t mind our guiding hand as we lead you through some tips you’re likely to find helpful if you’re currently searching for the perfect wedding suits that fit into your budget, dress code and personal style.  

Weighing Up Your Options  

We know we’ve just touched on the fact that there are countless options when it comes to outfitting yourself for a wedding, but there are easy ways to whittle down your choices and make the process a little easier to walk through. Key things to take into consideration before you dive into visiting suit stores and retailers looking for blazers, waistcoats and all that other good stuff are - what is the dress code? What season is the event taking place in? And, arguably the most important, what do you feel most comfortable dressing your body type in? 

Dress Code 

Let’s start with the dress code. Whether it’s your own wedding you’re buying for or you’re simply attending as a guest, there is most likely going to be a dress code in place. If it’s your own wedding you’re looking to get suited for, you will have likely conferred with your partner and agreed your own dress code and colour theme (if there is a specific colour theme you’re going for, it’s always worth bringing a swatch of the colour(s) with you when you’re shopping, it simply makes it easier to match fabrics, linings and accessories) – however, if you’re attending as a guest make sure you check the invitation as that should have details about the code of dress for that event. If not, there’s no harm in reaching out to those whose wedding it is and asking if they have one in mind.  

Traditionally, weddings have been formal, sometimes black-tie, events, seeing grooms and groomsmen in tuxedos or full black 3-piece suits – taking the term “black-tie” extremely literally. However, in more recent years dress codes at weddings have relaxed a fair bit and have seen people opting for a smart-casual style, in turn seeing guests go for a more toned-down look such as a waistcoat, shirt and chinos combination over a full 3-piece. 

What Weather Are You Dressing For? 

Always a great question to ask yourself before you buy any clothes, it’s not just confined to suit choosing. This is an important aspect to consider because if you’re shopping for autumn wedding suits the chances are it’s going to be pretty cold, so you’re not going to want to opt for a thin, linen suit – which would be more suitable for a spring or summer even. Instead, look at something thicker but that is still breathable, so you don’t overheat; something like a herringbone tweed suit will do the job just nicely. 

Finding the Suit That Fits You Best  

Suits are most certainly not a “one size fits all” kind of deal. It takes time, especially if suits aren’t something you buy regularly, to make sure everything is fitting where it should and is flattering to your proportions. Key points to look for when you’re trying on suits are; your jacket shouldn’t be too long or too short, or too tight or too loose (in both the arms and the torso), your trousers, again aren’t too tight, too loose, too short or too long and the same goes for the waistcoat. We know this sounds self-explanatory and you’re probably thinking that it’s a given that you wouldn’t want to have anything too big, small, short or long – but sometimes, it can be a little bit more difficult to achieve a perfect fit with a suit and let us explain why. 

Each body has different proportions, which is important to consider when you’re getting fitted in a suit. Elements such as chest width, arm length, waist size and leg length all come into play but it’s sometimes difficult to find a fit that matches both width and length perfectly, for example, if you need to size up in a blazer so that fits your chest may end up being too short or too long for your arms don’t fret! No one is expecting you to become an expert tailor overnight, knowing exactly what measurements you need the second you walk in the door – it’s very much a case of trial and error until you find a good fit, then having a little extra expert help to make sure everything fits like a glove. Here at Master Debonair, as you should expect with most suit stores, each member of our team has a perfect eye for spotting any tweaks and tailoring that you may need.  

MD’s Best Wedding Suits For Men 

Ultimately, the main goal when buying a wedding suit is to find something that makes you feel confident and good in yourself, regardless of the style or colour you opt for. But if you’re still feeling stuck and could do with a little bit of extra inspiration, read on to find out Master Debonair’s top picks when it comes to wedding suits.   

1. Marc Darcy Ted Tan Tweed Herringbone 3-Piece Suit


2. Fratelli Dark Navy Tweed Style With Subtle Check 3-Piece Suit

3. Marc Darcy Jenson Marine Navy Check 3-Piece Suit

4. Marc Darcy Scott Grey 3-Piece Suit

5. Benetti James Navy 3-Piece Suit