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A Day With Sartorial Chris

a day with sartorial chris

Sartorial chris

Each member of our Sartorial Seven has different hobbies and lifestyles. Here is the first 'Day in the Life' series of each Sartorial, so you can get to know them that little bit better (and steal their style). To start we have Sartorial Chris. A day with Sartorial Chris entails a morning bike ride and stop off at the Backyard Bike Shop, a quick haircut before work at G. Scott's Barbers and finally an after work drink at Block and Bottle. Check out the video below to watch how Chris' day goes.

backyard bike shop

A morning bike ride before work is a must for Sartorial Chris, his usual route is along the Gateshead Quayside with a stop off at the Backyard Bike Shop, a quirky new renovation down by the quayside with a café-come-restaurant in a unique container. Not only can you eat and drink by the river Tyne, the Backyard Bike shop also sells bikes and offers a service to make repairs to your own bike. Therefore, it's a must for the avid cyclist to add a trip down the Quayside to their route. Chris is enjoying his coffee by the Tyne in the Navy Herbie Frogg polo.

g.scotts barbers

Chris made a quick stop before work for a trim at G. Scotts Barbers. The eclectic barbers in Newcastle is a local treasure, again with a quirky atmosphere and traditional values in their work. The family-owned business is well known in the city centre as it has been there for many years. Also a personal favourite to Sartorial Chris, he wouldn't go anywhere else. The cuts are fantastic with reasonable prices to complement it. Chris nipped into the barbers in the Cream Harding Check suit before work.

block and bottle

A perfect after work spot is Block and Bottle in the Gateshead Archers, a local shop where Sartorial Chris is a regular on his way home from work. This is no ordinary butchers, as they also sell bottled beer too, hence the name 'Block and Bottle'. An ideal place to get a relaxing beer after work while choosing which meat to buy for dinner. Chris is enjoying a pale ale in the Burgundy Herbie Frogg Sweater.

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