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We challenge you to give only 4 gifts this year whether it be for your friends or your family.

At Christmas people can go crazy with buying gifts, half of which are forgotten about or sometimes never used. This craze is unnecessary as most the time people are happy with fewer gifts, meaningful ones, ones they’ll remember. Big retailers rake in loads of money on the lead up to Christmas making it even harder for independent smaller brands to make a living so why not support an independent family-owned business this year and choose Master Debonair.

We promise you won’t regret it.

The 4 Gift challenge is:

Something they want

Who doesn’t want a fancy coat for Christmas, one that will take you through ‘til May (yes, we said May.. as you know British winters like to drag). Good thing the Robert Simon coat is a timeless piece and will keep you looking on-trend all year around.

Something they need

Yes, you need this, a necessity to maintaining your gentleman persona. A man’s formal dress shoes must always be well cared for. And that’s that.

Something to wear

A 3-piece suit is the gift that keeps on giving. Each item has endless styling possibilities so it really is a good investment. For example, wear the trousers casual with a t-shirt, wear the blazer casual with a roll neck and jeans, or go all out in the full suit. These are only a few options, and however you choose to wear it we’re sure your going to look debonair.

Something to read

Well, this is technically readable once you start making your notes. The perfect gift for the savvy businessman, the unique tweed cover and high-quality pages makes this an office worker’s dream.