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Wedding Attire for Men: 3 Dos and Don’ts (2020)

Wedding Attire for Men: 3 Dos and Don’ts (2020)

What do you wear to a wedding as a guest? We’ve pulled together our complete guide to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Thank us later.



“What to wear to a wedding” is a question a lot of men will be asking as we roll into this year’s wedding season.

But what should you wear? As a guest, you know the attention isn’t going to be on you, yet you still want to look the part.

We’ve kept things nice and simple for you with our 3 Dos and Don’ts for guest wedding attire for men.

Let’s get started.



Do – Check Which Wedding Suits the Groomsmen Are Wearing

James, a customer popping in for a recent wedding suit fitting, reminisced about a time he wishes he’d had this advice.

“It was about six years ago. I was invited to a wedding in Middlesbrough and left everything to the last minute like a typical bloke. I jumped into my trusty Marc Darcy Eton 3 Piece, with a white shirt and maroon tie. I got to the venue late and looked visibly flustered; so much so that one of the staff members at the venue quickly ushered me inside. ‘This is good service,’ I thought, as she led me to a room where the ushers, father of the bride and groom all stood in identical suits. I wasn’t a groomsman.”

Check which suits the groomsmen are wearing. It only takes a text, but could save you from a lot of embarrassment.



Do – Try On Your Whole Outfit Two Weeks Before The Wedding

You might not feel any different, but your old suit won’t lie, gents.

Imagine waking up on the day of the wedding and finding out that nothing fits? Because if your ‘good white shirt’ is too tight, there’s a good chance everything else will be too.

Trying on your whole outfit at least two weeks before the wedding gives you plenty of time to go out and find a new suit if you need one.

And if your buttons are busting and your stitching is stretching, it could be time to treat yourself to a new suit.

You may be interested in this Fratelli Tan Prince of Wales 3 Piece, for example. Its understated elegance makes it perfect for a wedding guest suit for men.

Or check out our full range of suits here.


Do – Dress To Impress

You might not be the centre of attention, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to match the occasion.

Go for a three piece! Treat yourself to a new shirt! Bring life to an old look with a new tie and pocket square, or invest in some quality shoes with a matching belt.

You’ll feel good, and you’ll look good in the photos.


Do Not

Again, for those at the back:

Do Not

Do Not – Overthink It

You’re there to have fun. If you’ve had your big day, you’ll know how the time flies. So, as a guest, enjoy yourself.

Don’t overthink it. If in doubt, keep it classy and understated.

This NEW Cavani Radika should do the trick.

Do Not – Forget To Check The Weather

You can’t trust the British weather at the best of times, so make sure you keep an eye on it and adjust your outfit accordingly.

Got a spare umbrella? Why not bring it along? Not everyone might be as prepared as you are.

If you need an overcoat for the occasion, our NEW Casual Friday Mac is a great choice.



Do Not – Dress Down Too Much If You’re An Evening Guest

There’s often some confusion about what a man should wear as an evening guest to a wedding.

Our advice is that it’s better to overdress than underdress.

This means that you should swap your ‘good’ dark wash jeans for chinos. Make sure you either wear some smart shoes, brogues or at the very least some quality desert boots like these fine examples from Cavani.

It’s not the point that you might be walking into a room full of drunk people with ties around their heads (yes, we’ve all been to a wedding like this). The fact is someone has chosen you out of all the people they know to be there to help them celebrate their special day and that demands respect.


One Final Thing

By now you’re all clued up on wedding attire for men. And you should be able to explain to your mates what to wear to a wedding as a guest. So, make sure you share this advice with them to keep them right.

If you still haven’t found the perfect outfit, have a quick look through our full range now.

Enjoy the celebration!