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The Ultimate Checklist For Your MD Groomsmen

the utlimate checklist for your md groomsmen

Whether you're the best man or not, your best friend asking you to be part of his groom's party is a big responsibility as well as a massive honour. You're probably just looking forward to the event at the moment, but as the wedding gets closer you have a list of responsibilities you need to take care of.

Not sure where to start? Well, don't worry we have a checklist right here so you don't forget anything for your best friend's big day. After all, you want the groom's wedding to run smoothly and have fun while celebrating on his wedding day. Oh, and being a groomsman doesn't mean your only responsibility is arranging the stag do! Check out the list below to tick off all your to-do's to make sure he says 'I do'.


I am sure you haven't forgotten, but just in case, have you planned a stag do? Where would your friend like to go, a night out in town, a city break, a weekend away or something chill? Plan a night with the groom's party to celebrate his last day of 'freedom'...



The most important factor - the suits! What will the groom's party wear? Of course at MD we have the solution. if you're after checks, tweed, navy, grey or a plain mix and match set, we have it all. Shop all our suits below:



You can't get married without rings! A massive - 'DO NOT FORGET'- when you're keeping the groom in order. How about go along with him to the jewellers to triple check the wedding rings are the right rings in the correct size. And make sure that they make it to the big day!



What are you going to get the new bride and groom? This is one of your closest friends or family member and you need to get the gift right! How about a tie clip as an added accessory for the groom's party? Or a keepsake to remind them of their big day? Shop our gifts below:



This is the biggest day of the groom's life, he might be playing it cool but he will be nervous hoping that everything goes to plan! Stay by his side, get him a drink, make sure all the guests are okay and most importantly keep him calm!



How are you and the groom planning on getting to the church on time? Was it your job or his to book the cars? Triple check all the travel arrangements to make sure the day runs smoothly and take something off the groom's mind.



Have a drink on hand for the groom pre-wedding - although not too many before he says 'I Do' - only one to settle the nerves!



He might not say it but it would mean a lot if you stayed by the groom's side before he takes to the aisle - this is the biggest day of his life and he needs you for reassurance.



You may be asked to give a speech - don't worry, just plan what you are going to say before the big day, have a laugh and speak of fond memories. Although, don't embarrass your friend too much... And DON'T FORGET your notes!



After the first dance, be one of the first to step on the dance floor and get the party started - make sure everyone is having a great time and enjoying the big day.