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Working From Home 2020 | The Ultimate Checklist

The Ultimate Working From Home Checklist (2020)

Are you working from home? We’ve got some top tips to share. Find out how many of our hacks you are doing and improve your productivity today.



If your boss offered you to chance to work from home two months ago, you’d have snapped their hand off, wouldn’t you

After all, what could be better? Sitting on the couch in your pyjamas all day, and cooking whatever your stomach desires for lunch… What bliss!

Except it isn’t bliss, is it? It doesn’t feel the same now that you have to.

After two weeks in lockdown, you’ve had a chance to test the waters with working from home. But could you still be more comfortable, productive and happy?



Use our Ultimate Working From Home Checklist to check and let us know your score.


1. Eat your usual meals at your usual time

Now isn’t the time to be treating yourself to a full English four times a week. Major changes to your diet will leave you with less energy and less motivation to work.

Stick to your usual routine. Try not to snack, but don’t skip meals.


2. Wake up and shower

It’s all about routine. Lie ins and poor hygiene will affect your productivity. The more you “feel” ready for work, the more you will be ready for work.


3. Exercise Daily

Whether it’s with Joe Wicks, or a run, make sure you’re active every day.



4. Timetable your day

Set goals, and write every task down.

Better yet, use a free tool like Trello. Your body releases endorphins every time you tick off a job, making you feel happy and productive. Plus, when it comes to winding down, you can look back at everything you’ve achieved that day. This will also help stop the days blurring into one.


5. Keep your work and living areas separate

You need a clear definition of when you’re working, and when you’re not. Make yourself a workspace and make sure you spend time away from it when you’re not working.


6. Communicate

Keeping in touch with your colleagues has never been more important than now. A few tools we’re using at Master Debonair are Trello, Slack, Google Hangouts, Basecamp and Zoom. Scheduling regular daily and weekly meetings with clear agendas will bring some much-needed structure.


7. Establish boundaries

You may now be a teacher in addition to your day job. If so, you need to establish clear boundaries of when you are and are not available. How are you meant to work and concentrate if you’re constantly interrupted?

Include “quiet time” for the kids where they can read, watch a film or do arts and crafts. This will give you a few hours dedicated time to concentrate on work.



8. Take breaks

Those people who are masters at working from home rave about the Pomodoro technique. This way of working splits your day up into 25-minute chunks, with one particular job assigned to each segment. After each segment, take a 3-minute break. And after four segments, take a 30-minute break. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.


9. Avoid distractions

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but at least try. Be honest with yourself. Will unplugging the PS4 help? Is your guitar better out of sight? Do you need the TV on?


10. Housework isn’t work

When you’re not in the mood to work, it’s easy to find something to do that “feels” productive, like housework. But housework isn’t work. It won’t pay the bills. So save the cleaning for evenings and weekend



11. Dress to Impress

We outfit self-confidence, so it’s our duty to tell you to get out of your pyjamas and dress properly.

Besides, you may have video meetings on platforms such as Zoom and Hangouts. And do you really want people to see you sitting in a hoody or dressing gown?

Lead by example. While there’s no need to sit in a dress shirt and trousers, why not try a new, crisp white t-shirt from Casual Fridays? They’ll go perfect with some comfortable chinos or jeans from Blend.

Meanwhile, Barbour’s Monty slippers are the most comfortable work shoe you’ll ever wear. The dangerously inviting fur insoles will give you a boost, plus the sturdy soles are strong enough to be worn to take out the bins.

But try not to wear them down the pub when this is all over!



How many of our tips for working from home are you doing? Let us know in the comments.